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Last Raffle 4/6/2017


To Everyone That Participated In Raffle







4/14/16 Week 1:#768, 4/21/16 Week 2:#507

4/28/16 Week 3:#453, 5/5/16 Week 4:#973

5/12/16 Week 5:#640, 5/19/16 Week 6:#214

5/26/16 Week 7:#568, 6/2/16 Week 8:#201

6/9/16 Week 9:#384, 6/16/16 Week 10:#123

6/23/16 Week 11:#254, 6/30/16 Week 12:#359

7/7/16 Week 13:#516, 7/14/16 Week 14:#235

7/21/16 Week 15:#328, 7/28/16 Week 16:#246

8/4/16 Week 17:#136, 8/11/16 Week 18:#202

8/18/16 Week 19:#493, 8/25/16 Week 20:#027

9/1/16 Week 21:#185, 9/8/16 Week 22:#371

9/15/16 Week 23:#186, 9/22/16 Week 24:#066

9/29/16 Week 25:#465, 10/6/16 Week 26:#303

10/13/16 Week 27:#067, 10/20/16 Week 28:#781

10/27/16 Week 29:#750, 11/3/16 Week 30:#455

11/10/16 Week 31:#169, 11/17/16 Week 32:#645

11/24/16 Week 33:#005, 12/1/16 Week 34:#374

12/8/16 Week 35:#339, 12/15/16 Week 36:#709

12/22/16 Week 37:#936, 12/29/16 Week 38:#361

1/5/17 Week 39:#948, 1/12/17 Week 40:#112

1/19/17 Week 41:#919, 1/26/17 Week 42:#907

2/2/17 Week 43:#984, 2/9/17 Week 44:#405

2/16/17 Week 45:#238, 2/23/17 Week 46:#841

3/2/17 Week 47:#744, 3/9/17 Week 48:#873

3/16/17 Week 49:#223, 3/23/17 Week 50:#671

3/30/17 Week 51:#437, 4/6/17 Week 52:#540



Highlights of the Fifty-Two Gun Raffle

The Carpentersville Oddfellows Century Lodge 492 is having a 52 week gun raffle. Tickets are $100 each and only 1,000 tickets will be sold. Each Thursday evening we will raffle off a gun corresponding to the list on our website: http://www.centurylodge492il.org/. Your ticket number stays in for every drawing, every week, so it is possible to win multiple times. On Thursday, the first three numbers drawn in the Mid Day Pick 3 game from the Illinois State Lottery (excluding the Fireball- we do not count the Fireball- Please understand this) is the winning number for the raffle. You win the gun associated with that week. It’s a gun raffle and that is what you win. If you do not want the gun you have won you can elect to receive an in house gift certificate from the Marengo Gun Shop, 815-331-0418. You must be able to legally own a gun in Illinois in order to participate in this raffle!

Our attorney and our gun raffle committee have developed a form you must fill out in order to participate in the raffle. You must agree to the rules and regulations. If you win, we will contact you and provide you with your winning certificate to take to Marengo Gun Shop, located in Marengo IL. at 20014 E. Grant Hwy (Route 20). Fill out and include all your information including cell phone number and email address so we can contact you.

Understand that any and all laws for the purchase of a firearm apply. This includes a 3 day waiting period. The certificate will be for the specific gun of the week. The winning ticket holder is the only person who can obtain the gun. It’s yours free and clear, but again, all the laws still apply for gun ownership in Illinois. You are making a purchase from a firearm dealer. The law states that you will have a waiting period before you can take possession. You must have a valid Foid Card in Illinois. If you live out of state the gun can be transferred to a dealer in your state picked up from a local firearms dealer (out of state transfer fees and shipping costs are not included in the price of your ticket) and will be your responsibility to pay. Also, we are a not for profit organization and the purchase is not tax deductible.

The Carpentersville Oddfellows Century Lodge 492 will use a portion of the proceeds of this fundraiser to support many charities and will distribute as we see fit. The Carpentersville Oddfellows are passionate about helping our communities and those in need. We hope you buy a ticket or several tickets and support our charitable causes.

Good luck and thanks for your support!

Disclosure Sheet for the Century Lodge 492 Gun Raffle

Read and Initial next to the statements if they are true and you understand.

____ The purchase of raffle tickets starts on June 25, 2015. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold.

____ The raffle of the tickets will start when all 1,000 tickets have been sold.

____ Raffle participants must be 21 years or older to purchase a ticket.

____ Winning ticket numbers will be determined by the Illinois Pick 3 Lottery drawing every Mid day Thursday.

____ Every ticket sold will be eligible to win each week of the drawing and the winning ticket holder may have their names and photograph(s) receiving the firearm posted on the Oddfellows website.

____ Each raffle winner is responsible for obtaining all required permits, licensing, training or other requirements required to purchase/own a firearm. (Must have a valid Foid card in Illinois)

____ All NFA rules/laws apply.

____ Any extra charges (ex. Shipping, out of state transfer fees, etc.) will be the responsibility of each winner.

____ All tickets sold are non-refundable.

____ 3 attempts will be made to contact the winner, at which time the prize will be forfeited. All prizes forfeited will become the property of the Oddfellows Century Lodge 492.

____ Each participant is responsible for notifying Oddfellows Century Lodge 492 of any contact information changes.

____ If 500 tickets are not sold, a single winner will be determined by a 50/50 drawing, date TBA.

____ There are no state or federal laws prohibiting me from possessing or owning a firearm.

____ I am not under indictment or information for a felony, or any other crime, where the law could imprison me for more than a year.

____ I am not subject to any order of protection or any other court order that prohibits me from possessing me from owing a firearm.

____ I do not use and not addicted to marijuana, any controlled substance, or any other narcotic or medication that would affect my ability to make sound decisions or own/possess a firearm.

____ I have never been adjudicated mentally defective or been committed to mental institutions.

____ I have not been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.

____ I understand that if during the course of the raffle, I become ineligible to possess a firearm the prize will be forfeited and my payment will not be refunded.

____ I agree not to hold the Oddfellows Century Lodge 492, any of the members, the Marengo Gun Club, or their employees, or any other individuals involved in the raffle liable for any reason related to the raffle.

I hereby acknowledge that I fully understand the above statements, and that they are true and correct. I understand that if there are any changes in my contact information, or my status to lawfully possess a firearm, I must notify the Carpentersville Oddfellows Century Lodge 492 PO BOX 2, Carpentersville, IL. 60110 in writing.

By signing below I acknowledge and agree to the above statements and terms of the raffle.

Printed Name: First_____________________ MI____ Last_____________________________

Street Address: _________________________ City:_______________ St:____, Zip:________

Phone #: ______________________________

Signed: _______________________________ Date: ___________ Ticket Number: _________

Witnessed by: ____________________________ ____________________________________

Print Name Signature


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