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 We are proud to announce  Young Centurion Lodge Junior Lodge #1 was officailly reactivated December 2, 2006. 

This lodge was originally chartered April 5, 2001 with 17  chartered members. The lodge worked well for a period of 2 years and then fell into a period of inactivity. Several attempts to start the lodge up again had failed to meet the Grand Lodge of Illinois requirements until now.


December 2, 2006 members from Century #492, Elgin Lodge #12, Sycamore #105 and Ben Hur Lodge #870 met for the purpose of reestablishement of this lodge.  At 10 am registration began.  All attendees were treated to an awesome breakfast prepared by our house Chef Mel Meridith and assited by Brother Andy  McPherson. 

Youth Advisors protem Brother Eric Smith and Brother Bruce McKee both of Century Lodge #492 along with PDDGM Ralph Stauch gave the canidates a run down on what to expect as a new member of the Young Centurions and as a member of the order. 

The lodge was open in due form by Chief Ruler Dakota Goldberg protem the presiding officer / original member.  Upon opening the lodge it was turned over to District Deputy Grand Master Ken Palikij.  DDGM Palikij and his staff performed the degree work.  Initiated to the Young Centurion Lodge Junior Lodge #1 membership roster was Lucas Arnold (16 yr) Nathan Smith (16 yr) Cody Cameron (13 yr) Kyle Smtih (17 yr) and Vincent Mabe (13 yr).

These young brothers are very focused on their mission to reestablish the membership of the lodge and are also very aware of the responsibilities to the rest of the order.

Please refer to the website calendar for future meetings. 

Boys are welcome from ages 10-17.  Meetings are twice a month.  Breakfast will be served at 10 am with a meeting to follow.  Meetings will be held at Century Lodge 50 1/2 E. Main St., Carpentersville ,IL. 

For more information simply fill out the required information at the Contact Us section of this website.

MEETING 12/16:   The Young Centurions met Saturday for the purpose of the first general meeting post reinstatement.  All members and advisors were present.  As usual an outstanding breakfast was served for all members and visitors. Two new members were balloted upon. General business was attended to in regular form.  Special guest and original chartered member of the Young Centurions Brother Jeff Forsberg was in attendance.  Brother Jeff was back on leave from Iraq where he is stationed in the very volitable Bagdad area.  Congratulations to Jeff and his wife as we all wish to  welcome their newborn daughter to this world.  Jeff spoke for over 30 minutes to the Young Centurions and new recruits after the meeting.  The reason for this extension is that the Young Centurions are adopting Brother Jeff's troop as a lodge project.  They received  the serious lowdown on items that will be the most usefull and appreciated.  All in attendance had a great day of Oddfellowship.

MEETING 1/13: The Young Centurions met Saturday for the purpose of initiations and installation of officers.  Members and guest enjoyed an awesome breakfast prepared by the Young Centurion kitchen staff under the guidance of Chef Mel.  The lodge opened in due form.  Lodge was then turned over to the degree staff.  4 new Young Centurions were intiated.  The lodge was then turned over to DDGM Ken Palikij and staff to install the elected and appointed officers to their chairs.  The brothers of this lodge have many great ideas to promote their lodge and to help those in need. 


Ken Loos SM/PG   Dakota Goldberg CR   Kyle Smith DR   Cody Cameron CHAP



Young Centurions and Senior Members enjoying great food and brotherhood

New Members 1-13-07

4 new members initiated 1/13/07

Meeting 1/27/07; Brothers of Young Centurion #1 meeting opened in regular form.  The members of this lodge have taken on the responsibility of keeping all lodge grounds cleaned and fullfill this duty before each meeting.  Many great ideas where on the adjenda and implementation of some of these great ideas is being structured.  One of these ideas is to collect a variety of goods for our soldiers and in particular a troop stationed at Fort Cropper, Bagdad, Iraq where one of the original members, Jeff Forsberg,  of the YC#1 is currently stationed.

 Meeting 2/10/07; Brothers of Young Centurion #1 meeting opened in regular form.  Business was carried out with the focus being on gathering items for troops.  2 guests were introduced to the lodge seeking membership.  Birthday celebrations were held after the meeting for 3 Young Centurions; Vince Mabe, Cody Cameron and Lucas Arnold.  Cake was served and brotherhood was enjoyed.

Meeting 2/24/07; Brothers of Young Centurion #1 meeting opened in regular form.  Business was carried out with the focus being on fliers and ways of gathering items for troops.  Lunch was served byt the Young Centurion kitchen staff.  Grounds were cleaned by the clean-up committee headed up by Cody Cameron (Chap).

Meeting 3/10/07; Brothers of Young Centurion #1 meeting opened in regular form.  The Brothers were visited by the Bloomin Hermanos Theta Roe Lodge.  These young sisters have regularly scheduled meetings at Ben Hur Lodge #870 in Richmond, Illinois.  The focus of the meeting was to plan a banquet between the two lodges.  Plans will be forthcoming.  All brothers and visitors enjoyed a fine breakfast prepared by the Young centurion kitchen staff.  Grounds were cleaned by the clean-up committee headed up by Cody Cameron (Chap).


Young Centurion Chief Ruler Dakota Goldberg and Warder Lucas Arnold share their Grand Lodge Report with their sponsoring lodge Century Lodge #492.


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